Love Bugs

Please enjoy this silly nonsense, a celebration of the Spectrum Computing forum community's shared love of the like button. It was created for CSSCGC 2022.

Note that a Kempston Mouse is required! Supported devices include the K-Mouse Turbo and DivTIESUS (these are modern mouse interfaces). Other/older interfaces may be supported but this has not been tested. (But do let me know if you try it!) Support for K-Mouse in emulators is good (see below).

If you load the tape in real-time remember to stop the tape in between levels. Yes, it's a 48K multiloader! 🤪 Yes, it proabably will crash if things load in the wrong order! 🤩

* Updated! TAP file should now work with 48, 128, +2, +2A and +3

K-Mouse support in emulators

Fuse and ZesarUX (and probably other) emulators have Kempston Mouse support. You can enable it in the general peripherals settings (Fuse) or the hardware settings (ZEsarUX).

Retro Virtual Machine 2 also supports K-Mouse. Enable it in the settings, then press CTRL+M (or CMD+M) to toggle mouse capture on or off.

Fuse CLI
Fuse macOS